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Regardless of where you or your group are in the planning sequence, the current extraordinary circumstance confronting all of us at this time dictates that it is critical to conduct a comprehensive assessment ‘NOW!’

Following is a short-form model of a corporate assessment tool prepared by the TRG Team. To receive the full assessments forms, plus directions for use, Contact Us.

Natural Tendencies to be avoided:
  • Pride of effort: "We are already doing that... next", when the result is poorly understood, ineffective or virtually abandoned
  • Also shows up as: "We’ve got one of those"
  • The tendency to cherry pick from the list without first setting overall priorities
Potential Assessment areas/questions:
  • Vigilance
    • What is the environment surrounding your industry?
    • Is there a surveillance activity manifested as a priority?
      • As a frequent Leadership Team or BoD agenda item?
      • As a regular reported item? At what frequency? To what level within the enterprise?
  • Planning
    • Where is your group in the Planning Cycle?
      • Is the current Plan truly "current"?
      • What is the current Internal Planning Cycle?
    • How is the current Plan managed?
      • How is Ownership assigned?
      • With what frequency is the Plan reviewed / adjusted?
      • Are due dates carefully tracked?
      • How is information gathered and reported?
      • Is there a clear process for authorizing and communicating Plan revisions?
    • What circumstances require emergency adjustments to the Plan?
  • Finance
    • Are current financial reporting systems adequate?
    • Is the information current, timely, and accurate?
      • How often is it reported
    • Is there a person among the senior leadership or on the active BoD with advanced Financial Literacy?
    • If you are trimming specific areas of the Budget (e.g., Marketing, Employee Fringe Benefits, Capital Investment), how will you measure the long-term impact?
  • Governance
    • Is the BoD currently (systematically) conducting a process of self-evaluation (Peer Review)?
    • Is there an expectation of how each individual BoD member might make a meaningful contribution? For example, in a non-profit environment, do the Directors actively participate in fund raising?
  • Compliance
    • Does the company have a Regulatory Compliance Plan and Compliance Officer aimed at meeting requirements and avoiding pitfalls?
  • Succession
    • Is there a formal Succession Plan in place for key positions in the company?
    • If a succession plan does not exist, what is likely to occur in the event of sudden loss of Leadership?
  • Talent: Assuring the availability of skills through recruiting, training, and a functional organization
    • Will the combined talent / awareness of the staff fully meet sudden demands?
    • Is the current staffing at the proper level to meet sudden demands?
    • If business has been lost due to the economic situation, is there a Plan for how staffing levels should be pared back accordingly?
  • Marketing
    • Are there specific environmental circumstances that require an immediate review of your Marketing Plan (e.g. sudden economic downturn)
    • How (if at all) has the current economic downturn affected your current Marketing / Advertising plan?
    • How have you adjusted strategically to account for the sudden changes in consumer spending behavior? (Is there a Planned adjustment)
    • Are you up to date on competitive Media Methods, taking into account the tactical changes client companies have made in accommodating shifting market conditions?
    • Should you re-negotiate long-term vendor packages to adjust for a soft Media Market?
    • Is there readily accessible market-segment research in place regarding your current positioning? The positioning of your competition?
    • Can you strengthen your trade relationship with strong, focused promotion?
  • Branding
    • What differentiates your brand from similarly-situated products/services?
    • Do your current products project solid, "essential" characteristics? (This is a time of very selective spending by organizations or individuals; if what is offered by any corporation or organization has the slightest taint of seeming frivolous or superfluous, it runs the risk of being passed over - particularly true for membership organizations.)
    • Do you understand how the trade views your brand? Who are your Competitors?
    • Which brands do you believe are most vulnerable?

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