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The best planning for tomorrow starts with an Assessment of today’s reality.

This is particularly true when the Group involved is an Alliance of Groups.

Each Assessment should include review of current plans and an understanding of their effectiveness.

When all is moving well, providing periodic reviews becomes even more valuable.

The extent to which unexpected events may force plans to be adjusted can be a critical concern. When confronting sudden, system-wide shifts, the key first step is to:
  • Clearly understand the change.
  • Determine what steps have been taken already
  • Name those results that must be achieved to make critical adjustments AND take advantage of positive shifts.
  • Clarify the "How', 'Who', and 'When for key steps will help turn targets into results.
  • Establish standards by which to evaluate the effectiveness of efforts.

TRG provides two model processes.
For additional information and to receive the full Assessments Forms, together with directions for use, please Contact Us or give us a call directly during East Coast business hours (703)777.2233.

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