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Welcome to The Regis Group Online,

All groups move, think and decide with a rhythm and logic of their own.

At The Regis Group we have focused our efforts on helping complex groups find their way through some of the most difficult business decisions of the day. Whether the need is to clarify a strategic direction, harmonize merging organizations, or resolve conflicts resulting from the circumstance of joint ownership, TRG is both willing and pleased to help.

To enhance our efforts and broaden our reach to the global community, we have created The Regis Group Online, which is dedicated to strategic thought and methods. We consider our website a dynamic opportunity to interact with the widest group of business and civic leaders possible. Please let us know what we can do to make our site more valuable to you and those with whom you work... and for that matter live and play.

We welcome your comments, criticisms and advice.

We also look forward to meeting you and discussing your planning needs. At The Regis Group we pride ourselves that we offer both the team and the tools to bring added value to the decision processes of leading professionals and the organizations they serve.

Thank you for visiting,

Marc Paul Chinoy

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