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Each month the agenda features an interview sequence with noted business and community leaders. From 2008 - 2012 All interviews followed the same question sequence. Starting in 2013 the interview questions will now point to the internet, focused on the professional and discipline areas of our interviewees.

Starting 2013 All interviews now follow a new question sequence.
1: What do you see as the key emerging uses of the internet in your field?
2: What surprising applications of the internet have you found in your field?
3: What have been the "Best Uses" of the internet for you?
4: What should be avoided when dealing with the Internet?
5: Which next steps related to the internet might you recommend?

Bryan Benitz, The Veterinary Club May 2013 (Veterinary Healthcare)

Burnadette Durkin, Cedarstone Counseling Center in Leesburg, VA August 2013 (Social Work)

Ted Carvis, Law Offices Thaddius J. Carvis in Leesburg, VA February 2014 (Law)

Steve Haracznak, Associate of The Regis Group, Inc. in Leesburg, VA March 2013 (National Association Leadership)

Dr. Corey Malnikof, Palmercare Chiropractic, DC Metro Area March 2014 (Healthcare)

Dawn Meyer, Loudoun Education Foundation, Ashburn, VA June 2013 (Education)

Nathan Mishler, Studio Cypher in Bloomington, IN January 2013 (Software Developement)

Gale Paige, President and CEO of Complete Professional Connections , VA January 2014 (Networking and Business Developer)

Robert Pizzimenti, Keller Williams Realty, VA July 2013 (Real Estate)

Barry Rubens, Elauwit SC October 2013 (Telecommunications)

Gerhard Schwandt, Senior Partner of Management Partners International, Inc. December 2013 (Efficiency Expert)

Lauren Oakley Schwenk, Oakley Rhinehart Cassidy, LLC in Winter Haven, FL April 2013 (Housing Development)

Carolyn Severo, Leesburg, VA November 2013 (Entrepreneur)

Patti Strand, National Director of National Animal Interest Alliance September 2013 (Animal Interest)

Eric Zimmerman, Attorney with Miller Zimmerman PC in Leesburg, VA February 2013 (Law)

From 2008 - 2012 All interviews have followed an opening question sequence.
1: What changes in your professional environment in the past 3-5 years have you found to be the most beneficial?
2: What changes have been the most troubling to you?
3: How will globalization affect your professional area in the near term?
4: What significant challenges might be anticipated in your professional area in the next few years?
5: What are the greatest challenges confronting young professionals in Western culture today?

Deb Adams, CEO of Domo Domo International Marketing Group, Inc in Monroe, CT July 2010

James Alfini, South Texas College December 2008

Carol Beckham, President of Beckham Intellectual Asset Management, LLC., TRG Affiliate May 2011

Guy Blumberg, Consultant, Coach, Mediator, TRG Affiliate June 2011

Rene Cabral-Daniels, VP of Grant Programs at Williamsburg Community Health Foundation in Williamsburg, VA July 2009

Martin P. Canard, Author of "BizSpeak" July 2011

Ted Carvis, Law Offices Thaddius J. Carvis July-August 2008

Marc Paul Chinoy, President, The Regis Group, Inc., Leesburg VA December 2011

Robert Chirles, Loudoun County, Virginia, Department of Family Services August 2009

Roger Clark, Environmental Lawyer for The Reinvestment Fund February 2010

Dan Clemens, Media, Communications and Content Consultant March 2011

Kemper Collins, Agent with State Farm Insurance Company in Alexandria, VA December 2010

Charlene Connolly, Executive VP, International University of Nursing, New York, NY September 2009

Deborah Cornwell, In Process of Establishing "Living Silks Floral & Design Studio", Northern VA May 2012

James Daday, Founder of Agile Management Group, Northern VA December 2012

Richard Daniel, VP of CooLLanding Facilitating, Point of Rocks, MD August 2012

Dr. Kurt Daw, San Francisco State University March 2009

Leslie Durr, President, CES Associates, Inc., Charlottesville, VA October 2009

Pat Earle, Founder of First R Foundation, Inc., Gloucester, MA February 2012

David Eaton, Vice President of Enrollment Management at the State University of New York at New Paltz November 2009

Prescott Engle, Principal of Engle, Paxson & Hawthorne Ins. in Leesburg, VA November 2011

Dr. Fernando Figueroa, Provost & VP of Instruction at Del Mar College in Corpus Christi, TX. June 2010

Clint Good, President of Clint Good Architects in Purcellville, VA August 2011

Robert Grey, Partner with Hunton & Williams in Richmond, VA June 2009

Judy Hanley, Director of the Loudoun Child Advocacy Center, Virginia April 2010

Dona Kerr, Dona Kerr - Social Media Manager October 2012

Carolyn Kirk, Mayor of Gloucester, MA April 2011

Dr. Bruce H. Leslie, Chancellor of Alamo Colleges October 2011

Rob Lohr, Town Manager of Purcellville, VA May 2009

Craig Mckee, Wilkinson,Goeller,Modesitt & Drimmy LLP February 2009

Peter Miller, Miller Zimmerman PLC, Leesburg, VA November 2012

Pat Monaco, Northeast Pharmacy Service Corp. November 2008

Phil Morphew, CEO of Indiana Primary Care Association, Indianapolis, IN September 2011

Bill Overstreet, Business Entrepreneur in Leesburg, VA May 2010

Kathleen Pelkofski, Adult Nurse Practitioner at Loudoun Internal Medicine Associates in Leesburg, VA June 2012

Charles Petitt, President of Piedmont International University (PIU), Winston-Salem, NC March 2012

Philip Rekitzke, River & Trail Outfitters, Near Historic Harpers Ferry, WV September 2012

Bruce Roberts, CEO of BeneCard Prescription Benefit Facilitator in Mechanicsburg, PA October 2010

Ellen Rosenthal, Conner Prairie January 2009

Karen Russell, ECHOworks, Inc. April 2009

Michael Schwebler, Midwest Ultrasound, Inc. October 2008

Chris Shipe, President/CEO of Loudoun Mutual Insurance Company in Waterford, VA July 2012

Sharon Smith, Health Care Excel, Inc. September 2008

James Snyder, CPA CSPM at Yount Hyde & Barbour, Leesburg, VA January 2012

Richard Storey, President and CEO of DaaRoo Pharmacy in Chevy Chase, MD February 2011

Studio Cypher, Bloomington, Indianapolis December 2009

Christine Sullivan, Executive Director of The Enterprise Center at Salem State College, MA August 2010

Fernando P. Tirado, District Manager for Bronx Community Board 7 in New York September 2010

Yoichi Udagawa, Symphony Conductor in Massachusetts January 2010

Ed Wax, Chairman Emeritus of Saatchi & Saatchi March 2010

Dr. Shahn Wilburn, Senior Pastor at Riverview Baptist Church, Ripplemead, VA April 2012

Eric Zimmerman, Attorney with Miller Zimmerman Pc in Leesburg, VA January 2011

John Zoller, Pastor of Mount Hope Baptist Church in Ashburn, VA November 2010

THE AGENDA: Special One Year Analysis of Guest Predictions August 2009

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