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The articles appearing below are full versions of those that were shortened to conserve space in The Agenda Newsletter or articles written by or about our clients and/or Associates.

Marc P. Chinoy Full February 2014 Agenda article Internet Master Targets

Marc P. Chinoy Full May 2013 Agenda article The Issue For Our Time

Steve Haracznak Full May 2013 Agenda article CYC Course Is A Key Tool For A Turning Economy

Many Clients Answer to the Question, April Special 2013 Agenda article The New Internet Reality

Marc P. Chinoy Full April 2013 Agenda article Focus On A Turning Economy

Marc P. Chinoy Full April 2013 Agenda article Got One Of Those

Steve Haracznak Full March 2013 Agenda article Pros and Cons of The Affortable Care Act

Marc Chinoy Full January 2012 Agenda article Changing Gears

Associate Richard Earle authors in the Aug.2011,Vol XIV of IUP Effective Executive on "Branding: Itís not enough these days that they know your name, itís how they feel about you that counts".

Associate Richard Earle wrote and produced the "Crying Indian on Horseback" commercial in 1974 for the Advertising Council. First aired in 1975, it has become one of the best-known PSAs in the world. Our YouTube Video Link to YouTube

Robert Chirles Full November 2011 Agenda article Guiding Principles for Budget Development

Clint Good, Awarded Distinguished Achievement by Viginia Society AIA "Evans, Good Awarded Distinguished Achievement " - October 2011

Leesburg Pharmacy, featured in Talk Loudoun on "Offering Rx With TLC" - July 2011

Studio Cypher Full September 2010 Agenda article "Welcome to SI"

Associate Richard Earle is quoted in Sky Magazine October 2009 Pink Rocks Headline,
"Seeing Pink" article, page 58-65.

Patricia Townsend of Del Mar College article on "Calling all Del Mar College Students, Past and Present" - August 2009

Craig McKee of Wilkinson, Goeller, Modesitt & Drimmy LLP article on "The Case for Courtesy" - February 2009

Brian Turman of Tyler Junior College article on "Taking the Fear out of Evacuation" - May 2009

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